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Hello and welcome!

This is our course, how to use ClickUp. It's accelerated learning courses to teach you how to use ClickUp for an existing setup: so if you're using it for perhaps your company that's already set up on ClickUp.

If you are the one setting up ClickUp either for yourself or for your company, this will be a good intro, we'll show you some extra resources at the end.

So, in this course I'll be teaching you ClickUp in the shortest amount of time possible, because I know we're all busy and wanting to learn how to use it without wasting any time.

I'll cover just the key features that you need to know to really get the best out of ClickUp. And that'll cover enough of the additional features to cover about 70% to 95% of what you're using ClickUp. Each use case will have extra little features they use that aren't so common. And I'll be skipping those to avoid wasting everyone's time.

So at the end of this course, I'll show you where you can learn those few extra bits and pieces that your particular company happens to use.

If you do want to go more of a power user route and learn everything straight away, that's fine, you can do that. In the next steps module, at the end of this course, we have listed out the other courses that we have that are more in-depth that you may wish to do instead.

So who am I?

My name is Justin, I'm a past employee at ClickUp. I work there as a trainer, success coach, Product Manager, and then a Senior Product expert. And I still really believe in the team and what they're doing. They're doing some really amazing stuff.

So I'm now a trainer of trainers, I lead a team of ClickUp trainers and consultants. And what we do is we help people like you to set up and use ClickUp to make work and life better, doing things like creating this course.

So, a big point for this course, tell us what we can do better.

We're all about updating and improving these courses to keep you on the cutting edge of effectiveness. So if you find that you are confused, or something was missing that you wish had been covered, or just any way that you can think of that we can make this course better for either you or anyone else you know, tell us.

You can email us at [email protected]. Message us in teachable, or on our website as well. Just let us know. We always want to improve these courses. We read every bit of feedback.

Thank you very much and let's get started!

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